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Rants, Musings, and General Babblage

6 June 1956
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CURRENT STATUS: In Transition, on sabbatical through Marchish 2006 after 24 years of corporate wage-slavery. Got the first draft of my first (SF) novel out the door more-or-less on schedule on 1/3/06 (should hear back by June or so...), so current projects are the CD, kitchen remodellage, the Tolkien fanfic and other writing projects as they come up, and wading through the ever-increasing reading pile.
Update 04/06: Back to work - ramping up to full time by July, doing the M-F Commute thing, which various people tell me is either(a) workable or (b) insane - we shall see. Got the book back: alas, they failed to perceive my genius - need to review, turn around and get back out to another vic...um, publisher. CD project going slowly - but am in a BAND (of sorts) and learning many things most people learn at a much younger age (see 83% Male Musician spiel, upcoming in Gnotes). Kitchen still in stasis...kid turned 18!...Cyril getting fat and lazy...struggling to survive the onslaught of Yard Work Season...trading in the SUV on a commuter car...writing songs but no fiction - need to break that block...but anyway.
Update 08/02: adjusting to being back at work full-time, migrating between the house and the apartment - it's not the travelling that's going to burn me out, but having to be so organized: remembering what's where, what I need dupes of and what to bring back and forth...yarg! Also prepping James' room for the roommate (due August 20 - kid goes off to college on the 24th). Music coming along - still not writing fiction, tho.
ANIMAL TOTEMS: Lone Wolf, Black Panther, Deer.
COLORS: Black, Grey, Blue, Silver.
IN JOB DESCRIPTION: Single Mom of about-to-fly son; Friend; Muse; SF Writer; Singer/Songwriter; Rhythm Guitarist; Dancer; Software Designer; Synthesist/Patternmaster; Mistress of Low Profile; Agent of Change/People Connector.
NOT IN JOB DESCRIPTION: Wife; Girlfriend; Housekeeper; Cook; Babysitter; Techie; Sports Fan; Lead Guitarist; Authority Figure; Social Animal.
Babylon 5 - the Virtual 6th Season (this has some of my, um, pre-published writing in it...we tried to do a whole season, but trailed off right in the middle, alas...)
VatulBlog Maitri's Blog
Flickr Photos from Maitri Currently featuring pix from Thanksgiving 2005!
Tim Menard Most Excellent Guitarist
Delta Kings Most Excellent Band
Pogo Studios Most Excellent Recording Studio
Sean Michael Dargan Most Excellent Producer
Dayton Ward Most Excellent Fellow Star Trek writer - originator of the "Wardie": first SNW writer to disqualify himself from the contest.
Dean Wesley Smith Sensei of Genre Fiction
Darrin Drda Not sure what planet this gentleman is from, but I definitely want to go there...
Homestar Runner Home of Strong Bad and other lunacy
Exterminatus Now Just Plain Freakin' Deranged takeoff on the Sonic the Hedgehog universe - small furry animals that Kick Ass!
Darrilian Jakhel New website, thanks to Yahoo. Barebones for now, contains Good Lines List, pix and sketch mp3s from CD project - will flesh out as time permits!

USERNAME COMES FROM: Darrilian Jakhel (Castle Claw), home to the protagonist of the novel I'm working on.