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Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008, 08:48 am
Required Listening

 My producer (blessed be his name) sent me this - enjoy!

Hey, check out my favorite band:


Their versions of "Delilah" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" are pretty
great, too.



Fri, Feb. 1st, 2008, 09:23 am
Science once again proves the obvious -


This is why we groom....and probably why straitjackets drive people crazy.

Tue, Jan. 22nd, 2008, 08:01 pm
Being a Social/Solipsist Hybrid, Part Huh....

Watching my mom go through this surgery thing, and struggle with the  aftereffects of the anesthesia (thankfully abating right swift, here), am struck by several things – 

Now if I can just get them to take up yoga;D.

Wed, Jan. 2nd, 2008, 10:06 pm
And on a lighter note (a pure, high E...)

 Finally had the right moment to truly make the acquaintance of the Takamine - when I've played it before I've always been rushed, or at least had an agenda.  I think I can learn to play this thing.

Sun, Dec. 30th, 2007, 05:54 pm
Found Tom -

At Stella's Speakeasy in Stoughton, Wisconsin, along with his compatriots Messrs. Kennedy and Brenneis, collectively known as 21st Century Jones.  Though afflicted with La Grippe, his grip on the groove was unimpaired, while, germ-free and in rapt audience mode, I spun his sage suggestion of setting a deadline for the CD release party (thus likewise for the CD completion), into a lush yet enticingly feasible-sounding fantasy of having a session at Pogo the afternoon of said CD release party, getting Tom and Mr. Stewart and Mr. Quirk (at least) together for a live take - either one of the tracks on the CD or something completely different - ruff-mixing it, making a couple dozen copies, and giving away "exclusive live singles" with any AoC CDs peddled at the release party....

Or something like that.  Mr. Broeske seemed dubious, but hey, if you don't dream big, you don't get anywhere, right?

Happy Yew Near!

Sun, Dec. 23rd, 2007, 02:01 am
Concerning the Three Great Sins

(which, as we recall from last week's sermon, are Sloth, Stupidity, and Taking Oneself Seriously) - 

Often, when mentioning the Third Sin, people say "yes, taking yourself too seriously is a bad thing" - but, nay, I tell thee, taking oneself seriously at all is a sin in the most insidious sense - it is always a bad direction, even though in this reportedly flawed universe it is not only inevitable but quite often required in order to accomplish anything.

I suspect that, were this nest of concepts to ever, gods forbid, come within shouting distance of being an 'organized religion", this variance in perception would become a veritable Schism...

Which, I guess, makes me a Fundamentalist.

So.....if I were hellbent (as it were) on Making A Statement to the OutFidel, there, I would indulge in strategic and spectacular acts of Delight - following in the rambling feetsteps of the Blessed Kesey, mayhap....

I would, in fact, be a Delightist.


Sun, Dec. 2nd, 2007, 01:27 pm
Thelma and Louise Go To Mordor...

Ms. SG bailed on brunch this morning, which was too bad, because I was seriously anticipating her and MH in the same room.

Also thought of introducing M as "my gardener" - and since I've been going through LoTR again, immediately thought "well, if I ever have to road-trip to Yellowstone to trash some jewelry, M is definitely coming with..."

From whence the title concept. Sooooo....

I'm thinking SG as Legolas (trust me), Rusty as Gandalf,

oncesmiled , rockbaby2  as Merry and Pippin,  maitrix as Boromir (not implying and sort of susceptibility, here, just in terms of fearless warrior-hood!), Sallita as Gimli, and - aha! - Denise as Aragorn(again tho to different people, trust me!).


So there ya go.

We have us some Ents, in the persons of DM and twelvefootnine, a Model Citizen for a Tom Bombadil (yah, like I've always said, not my type:)), Sean for Eomer (yes, I know, very disturbing...), CL for Faramir, MR for Elrond(!), his lovely wife N for Galadriel (which, if G weren't by way of being sort of E's  great-aunt, would seem quite appropriate...).....

Yah, I know, if I'm going to do this stuff, I should turn my attention to the long-neglected DSWOS....

Instead, I go get tires.

Such is, indeed, adulthood.

Sat, Nov. 24th, 2007, 01:42 pm
Traditional Tgvg Home-Recording binge -

 Yes, I have at last gotten the recording-studio-in-a-bag back online, just in time for the annual four-day hole-up-while-other-people-are-being-sociable-and-stuffing-themselves-sick (which tradition was briefly (about, what , 12 years' worth of briefly?) interrupted for the equally-therapeutic annual retreat to the Iowa State Home for the Bewildered, of Mostly-Blessed Memory...) -

Putting together bunches of sketches, and since we're at the stage with the AoC project that I can no longer procrastinate vocals, am getting lots of great exercise for the cringe muscles. 

The more I work with this voice, the more I marvel at the thin - in my case, razor-thin - line between "not entirely unpleasant in spots, and arguably interesting enough to make up for it" and JESUS FLAMING F**K THAT'S HIDEOUS!!!!!

See, people with real voices (and slightly less hyperactive self-criticism centers - or at least people capable of suspending the self-criticism WHILE THEY'RE ACTUALLY SINGING so they don't constantly shoot themselves in the laryngeal feet, there)  have some leeway - they don't have to be absolutely at the top of their game to be marginally listenable.

On the plus side, when I am at the top of my game, these days, it's kinda cool.  I can actually hear some of the stuff I'm aiming for happening, and other stuff happens that I did not expect, but is also cool - and I'm learning to work with that.

Did I mention this being the most fun thing to do in the world?

Thanks, Universe, for coming up with the concept!


Tue, Nov. 20th, 2007, 02:16 pm
Ganked quiz -

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

Got this one from ineti - like he said (and as usual) some stuff fits, others (always happy? Loud?) not so much....

Sun, Nov. 11th, 2007, 12:23 am

Stopped by the Kankakee Wal-Mart and picked up a kitty feeder, some window-insulating stuff (yarz, big- glass windows in the hi-rise right on the lake, ubet).....
And the new Eagles Album.
Not too shabby, enfin.
Where it's good, it's very VERY VERY damn good – straight-line point-to-point where you'd expect them to be by now, ignoring that last thing, which I pretty much did and have never had reason to regret doing.
At first listen, it sounds like they basically had a little over a CD's worth of quite fine- to-absofragginlutely excellent stuff, so padded it with a couple freakin' interminable sequences of lame-ass whiny shit. Competently executed lame-ass whiny shit with purty harmonies and whatnot, which will probably be plaguing us for decades to come (if we're spared), but still...
Granted my personal tolerance for that particulate genre is minimal at best, and right now is at whatchacallyer low ebb (happens when I'm fighting that very kinda mood – some kind defensive-snark thang, I spoze, but there it is).
And - I'm sorry - no, I'm not - "no more stormy nights?!?!?!?!" - yeah, you go have fun with that.  Some of us are still f*5kin' breathin', and a little ozone, flying h2O, and a stiff breeze never hurt anyone,  Much.  But anyway.
Fortunately, that stuff is mostly concentrated on the first CD. Unfortunately, there are also a couple seriously kick-ass tunes on that CD. Fortunately, we live in the 21st Century and are no longer, as Lewis Black so eloquently expounded upon last Thursday night in Waukegan, shackled to the exigencies of vinyl.  (He didn't say that, btw  – I did, just now. He said other eloquent stuff , mostly having to do with sex and drugs:=))
So, anyway, go to Wal-Mart!
(Jeez, never thought I'd catch myself saying that....weird-ass shit, this "life" business...)
Heart Like an Iggle....and still runnin' down that road.

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